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Pre-Marital Investigation

We conduct pre matrimonial investigations in all kind of matrimonial cases where we get you all the details about the bride and the grooms. It is of great relevance nowadays to know about the family and personal background of the person. Whether it is a love or an arranged marriage, we cannot assure if the person if true to his words. At this time people hire a private investigator and matrimonial detective who helps them clarify all the doubts and if the marriage proposal can be accepted or not.

What All We Check 

We will verify the following information and anything else you may need:

 Marital Status Telco Information
 Employment Profile Identity Authentification
 Vehicle Ownership Prior Marriage
 Property Ownership Bankruptcies 

We ensure that our investigation is followed as per the requirement of the client. We look for all the factors about the suspect’s personality, past, and present that could be beneficial for considering the marriage proposal.

Personality Check

In-depth detail of the subject’s nature as an individual and as a socialite including his social background, his schooling, educational qualifications, current designation in office or employment.

Character Verification

Pre Matrimonial Gunma Detective Agency in bring out the general character that the person bears in his proximity, their involvement with different mindsets, what section of people they involve with, their social collaborations and appearances. We get the information about social gatherings, their preferences in making connections with all sorts of people.

Social Behavior

Of the person depicts his overall character and reputation in society. The family’s status is of eager significance. We conduct a discreet inquiry of the suspect’s neighborhood and office place and collect information from the neighbors, maids, servants, colleagues, fellow friends, and others.

Family background Investigation

Family is an institution in which ethics and morals are passed on from one generation to others. What a child reflects in his character is often a reflection of his parents. Marriages in India create a relationship between not only the bride the groom but between the families as well. It is crucial that the family hold an excellent social character because if not, this may lead to unpleasant repercussions later. In some divorce cases, the reason of separation has been the family other than the couple.

Sexual Orientation

We bring out the issues that may not have been brought to light by the suspect. These may be uncertain past, love affairs, sexual preferences of the person in real.

Previous Marriage 

At times people do not reveal their past marriages to their would-be partners for many reasons. These reasons could be having unhealthy relations with the partner which may not be delightful memories for them and they do not want to have an impact of these in their new life. We get you to access the information about past divorce as it is essential to now for the remarriage of the person.

The financial status of the Family

Properties owned by the family and all its assets. Many times, for carrying forward a new relationship for marriage proposals people use fraudulent and fake acquiring a lot of property, assets, and others. We get to know about the class of the family, as to which section of the society that belongs to. What all property they own in and outside the city.

Alcohol/drug Abuse Investigation

In Pre Matrimonial Investigation, we check the past, present-day daily schedule and go through all the minor details of the suspect’s involvement in any addiction. We also check if the person is involved in smoking and drinking. All this can result in significant financial crises; can lead to a psychological disorder in the person. For such a person it is often difficult to come out of it completely. Thus It is of prior importance to know about any of such involvements of the person before tying the knot with him/her.

Criminal Records

Our private investigators find out if there is any criminal record of the family or the person.. If any of the information is found positive, we get all the pieces of evidence about it for you. Gunma Detective has a team of professional investigators, and we get you the best information about the criminal record of the person from the local police station and other relevant sources.

Child Custody

We work with you to collect evidence that will help you in your child custody situation. Find out who will be in contact with your child other than the parent. These issues are often not known by the courts when decisions are made and often change as living arrangements and lifestyles change. Do Not put your child in an unsafe environment that could lead to disaster. We will collect the evidence necessary to prove your custody case. 

Extra Marital affair

This investigation is essential for every person who wishes to remove the mask of unreasonable means of a relationship. Extramarital affairs investigative with best and surefire outcome. We offer extraordinary surveillance services for those peoples when they are in suspicions and feel that his/her spouse having any affair/extra relationship with someone. We cater the information during the process such as observing partner movement and his activities, social gathering and personal meeting, observing day to day activities, audio/video recording proof of cheating, We tail a person with extreme care using advance technology and also we offer to our clients as video and pictorial proof wherever needed. We promise that the suspect does not get doubtful while conducting enquiries or monitoring the operation about a person. All these actions are carried out by Gunma expert and certified investigators team and they preserve whole privacy throughout the process.

Divorce Investigation

Gunma can help you with a careful and discreet divorce associated investigations such as evidence on infidelity, Child protection issues, financial issue / asset details, child support claims, medical records, previous divorce papers, etc.

When it comes to legal proceedings, it’s usually essential to collect much information to establish your case. The data collected is often used at the time of court proceedings. We are offering Divorce Case Investigation services from last several years in Malaysia. We are happy to say that lots of happy customers we served it.


Surveillance is the art of monitoring a target or subjects activities through observation and close watch. It is observation of the behaviour of people or objects. Typical subjects or targets are people, places, and vehicles.  Surveillance is conducted in a covert manner in which the subjects or targets are unaware they are being watched. The activities are documented with detailed reports, video, and pictures. Our agency has vast experience performing surveillance cases throughout the world in various situations, settings and difficulty.  

With years of experience and only hiring the top surveillance private investigators in our field, GUNMA Sdn. Bhd. specializes in obtaining the surveillance results you need to win your case. Our field investigators specialize in one thing: surveillance. They are here to provide our clients with a fresh, objective perspective and are prepared to handle a variety of surveillance services. Our investigators are essentially chameleons, able to blend into any location or situation needed.

Legal Assistance

We have an extensively skilled team of professionals, in-house team of lawyers who provide you with all kind of legal assistance required. We have a wide team with separate lawyers for Corporate, Civil, Criminal, IPR, Matrimonial laws. Apart from the above-mentioned categories of cases we also take into consideration the special circumstances mentioned by our clients. Our team has been serving with all its expertise for twenty years now to all its clients from the field of personal and corporate businesses. We take welcome all the queries from our clients with a free consultation on any of our services and beyond.

GPS Tracking, SPY Gadgets and Software

Global positioning technology or GPS is the one of those inventions that forever alters the way we live and do business. Many people are familiar with GPS devices that are used in cars and with personal belongings, but very few people aware how important the GPS technology has become to individuals that are faced with a possible life changing situation or a business on the verge of collapse.With our new tracking device we can accurately determine where a person has traveled, how fast they drove where they stopped and how long they were there. The recorded data from the tracker can then be loaded into our computer where we can print out a full report for you.

For instances where you require video or photographic proof of your situation we can utilize the information from our tracking device to expedite live surveillance. Our service will save you time and money, as well as give you peace of mind.

Gadgets and Software Technology plays a key role in detective services investigation, we make use of a combination of computer software, mobile apps, search tools, other than this, there are high tech cameras, all of these are used to keep an eye on the suspect’s behavioral traits. We also perform counter surveillance to check bugging devices or protect you from getting observed, we do this with the help of advanced spy equipment, and surveillance gadgets. The variety of products includes- GPS tracking devices, digital cameras, night vision goggles, audio recorders, and more.

What People Are Saying

Here are some of the testimonials that we receive from our clients…

“The best thing about GUNMA is the Teamwork, In my case, I got my daughter in my custody from her father in court hearing. Video coverage taken by GUNMA Investigator was very clear and it is become a solid evidence. Thank you so much.”

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