Global positioning technology or GPS is the one of those inventions that forever alters the way we live and do business. Many people are familiar with GPS devices that are used in cars and with personal belongings, but very few people aware how important the GPS technology has become to individuals that are faced with a possible life changing situation or a business on the verge of collapse.With our new tracking device we can accurately determine where a person has traveled, how fast they drove where they stopped and how long they were there. The recorded data from the tracker can then be loaded into our computer where we can print out a full report for you.

For instances where you require video or photographic proof of your situation we can utilize the information from our tracking device to expedite live surveillance. Our service will save you time and money, as well as give you peace of mind.

Gadgets and Software Technology plays a key role in detective services investigation, we make use of a combination of computer software, mobile apps, search tools, other than this, there are high tech cameras, all of these are used to keep an eye on the suspect’s behavioral traits. We also perform counter surveillance to check bugging devices or protect you from getting observed, we do this with the help of advanced spy equipment, and surveillance gadgets. The variety of products includes- GPS tracking devices, digital cameras, night vision goggles, audio recorders, and more.